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The Way of Testivus – Unit Testing Wisdom

Some good advice on developer and unit testing, packaged as cryptic bits of ancient Eastern wisdom in the hope of getting your attention. Download: The Way of Testivus – Unit Testing Wisdom From An Ancient Software Start-up The Way … Continue reading

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CLR 4.5: .Net Framework Kernel Improvements

In this post I’ll go through some of the enhancements and improvements done by the CLR team as part of the performance improvements in .Net 4.5. In most cases developers will not have to do anything different to take advantage … Continue reading

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Max Number of Threads Per Windows Process

Developers usually thinks that Windows has a default value for the max number of threads a process can hold. while in fact the limitation is due to the amount of address space each thread have can have. I was working … Continue reading

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CLR 4.5: Managed Profile Guided Optimization (MPGO)

Again this performance enhancement (or technology I would say ) is targeting the application startup time more focused on the large desktop mammoth though! the new technology Microsoft introducing with .Net 4.5 is not going to be brand new for … Continue reading

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CLR 4.5: Multicore Just-in-Time (JIT)

Well, technically it’s not a new CLR it’s just an update to CLR 4.0 libraries, .Net framework 4.5 will replace your old CLR libraries with a brand new bits but the runtime is technically the same. running a GetSystemVersion() function … Continue reading

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Visual Debugging Experience in Modern IDEs

Couple of years ago InfoQ wrote about a Java/Eclipse developers tool called Code Bubbles. The idea was simply the current nature of the software development IDEs is really file-based (at least most of it or the most used of it … Continue reading

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Note: This blog post transferred from my OLD BLOG and was originally posted in 2009. Almost more than 3 years since i’ve been part of projects run by Agile, i had the chance to participate it in different roles and … Continue reading

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